Dear Dr. And Ms. Fallah

This is to commend you and your staff on the excellent schooling and environment you have provided for our son Christopher.

Starting in kindergarten, he could not read or write. In 2 short years he has progressed to the advanced class and is in some subjects is a full grade ahead or more as shown by the recent Stanford Achievement Test scores.

His grades don’t show, however, the kind and wonderful atmosphere your school provides. The instructors are like an extension of the family, and have contributed to building Christopher’s self esteem and social awareness. It is evident the staff truly love children. This is particularly important to us because we both work and he has been in the extended after school program the full two years.

The participation in the semi-annual school play and the music program complete with yearly recital have helped overcome his shy personality immensely. It is evident the staff puts in great effort for each child on these projects.

Choosing a new school is a troubling decision for parents.

We would not hesitate to recommend your school as one of the top schools in the Bay Area. This would be for academics as well as staffing, facilities and care. You may offer us as a referral to any prospective parent wishing to check references of Mills Montessori School.

Carolina Q. Smith
Walter A. Smith

Dear Ms. Simin, Dr. Fallah & Staff of Mills Montessori,

We would like to thank you for everything that you and your excellent faculty have given to our twins. They are getting the best education, love, and care. Mills Montessori has made a big difference in our children’s academic, social, and artistic achievement by providing an appropriate guidance, stimulations, and best learning environment.

Everyday they receive a wonderful love, individual attention, and safety which make them feel that Mills is their second home. We have a piece of mind to have our children at Mills and look forward to continue with you at your new location. Ms. Simin I have always mentioned to you no matter where Mills location is we will follow you regardless of how far the commute is. We believe as parents we have a big role in choosing the right school for our children. A school which you can find excellent academic, perfect extra curricular skills and most knowledgeable and kindest teachers must be Mills Montessori.

By enrolling our twins at Mills we will guarantee a strong foundation in their life, and we feel so fortunate to have our children spend the most important time of their life at your school. We can’t find enough words to thank you for your Excellencies in all aspects of your school.

Love you all,
Mojgan Bonakdar, RDH, D.D.S.
Mehran Nazar D.D.S.

As a parent of four children..

who have all attended Mills Montessori School over a continuous period of nine years, I am happy to recommend Mills Montessori. During that time, each of them has benefited from the high academic standards that the school maintains. In particular, each child has developed a strong foundation of reading skills which they have carried forward with them into grade school. They have also been well prepared in elementary mathematics.

Mills Montessori School has also provided my children with a safe, supportive and encouraging environment in which to develop and learn. The school places emphasis on the importance of teaching respect, responsibility for actions, honesty, sharing, and caring for others. It excels at providing a happy atmosphere where having fun and learning seems to go hand in hand.

Jennifer C.

We’ve proudly been a part of the Mills Montessori community for four years and are about to enter our fifth year with this wonderful school. Our children have thrived in this incredibly unique environment which in true Montessori spirit, treats each child as an individual and speaks to their needs. At Mills Montessori, my daughter and son have developed the foundation they need to be successful. The caring and nurturing teachers are instrumental in the program and are why my children are so excited to go to school every day! They’ve thrived academically and through the various extra-curricular activities offered, have had their eyes open to more than we could have ever imagined possible. It is a pleasure to be part of such a special program and school.

The Sroat Family

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Fallah :

We wanted to write and express our thanks and appreciation for the loving care and education our daughters received at Mills Montessori, and to offer ourselves as references to anyone looking interested in having their children attend your school.

Both of our girls were at other pre-schools before we were lucky enough to find you, and we were simply amazed at the difference. For the same or even lower cost than some child care facilities charged just to "warehouse" our daughters, they received a fine education both academically and in life skills. It was truly wonderful to watch them blossom like flowers in the rich soil of the Mills Montessori environment. Perhaps even more than that, our daughters were loved and cherished at your school, for which there are simply no words adequate to express our deep and everlasting gratitude.

We cannot say enough about you and your school. We recommend you and Mills Montessori without reservation and would be only to happy to talk to anyone who is interested.

Very truly yours,
David P. Gardner, Petra Gardner


To find a school that parents like is fortunate
To find a school that children like is reassuring
To find a school that parents and children like is serendipitous
To find a school that has an excellent academic standard, caring and qualified teachers, a creative and creativity-inducing environment, AND parents and children like is simply miraculous

Mills Montessori is that school

The Mueller Family

Mills Montessori

Has been an incredible experience for both my children…
Has given both my children positive results from the Montessori concept of learning…
Has given my children the ability to excell in all aspects of learning…
Has exceptional teachers and staff…
Is supportiv and caring to their students and parents…
Is a wonderful school…

Thank you for the experience!
Debbie Steinerg

Mills Montessori is an exceptional school

The staff genuinely cares about the children and their programs address broad development needs, academic, and social, as well as artistic.

In addition to an outstanding academic program, Mills Montessori provides a treasure of experiences including a fabulous ’End-of-the-Year’ pageant where all the children that are three years or older can perform on stage. Other activities include; field trips to the HMB Pumpkin Patch, the SF Boat Show; beautiful holiday parties at Halloween, Christmas, Easter; and Kung Fu, ballet and piano lessons.

At five years old my child reads well, plays piano and can understand many basic Spanish words and phrases. He has a sense of security, independant play and confidence that only a nurturing, thoughtful and appropriately demanding program could provide.

I am profoundly grateful for everything that Mills Montessori School and its faculty have provided my oldest child. My husband and I are ecstatic that our two year old is starting at Mills Montessori in July

Thank you!!
Best Regards,
Lisa Dyer, MD, MPH

We are pleased to have our daughter attend Mills Montessori School

Mills Montessori fosters academic and social development through a challenging, stimulating, and warm environment. We appreciate the professionalism, expertise, and overall positive regard for students demonstrated by Dr. Fallah, Mrs Simin Fallah, and the Mills teachers. We feel fortunate that our daughter is learning in a culturally diverse setting that promotes a sense of community, a sense of family. Mills also provides an atmosphere of security, safety, and lots of fun where self-confidence and creativity are nurtured. Most importantly, our daughter is enjoying Mills Montessori.

Vicki & Michael

To the Staff of Mills Montessori School

I would like to commend the staff of Mills Montessori School for their outstanding efforts to continuously provide excellent curriculum. In the span of six years, I have had three children enrolled in the school and I have been impressed of their levels of success in academics and social skills. I believe that as a parent, one has to instill good foundation early on a child’s life. I feel that Montessori has helped me achieve that goal. I feel fortunate to have found such a school in which the staffs are compassionate and friendly.

I am very thankful for all the years that you have provided my children wonderful beginnings. Keep up the wonderful job!

Gigi Diliberto (Mother)


Our older daughter Kristiina has been enrolled at the Mills Montessori School for three years now and our youngest daughter Linnea has been there for a year.

We are pleased with the school. We feel that our daughters are in safe hands partly because of the warm and caring welcome they receive from the teachers at Mills every morning. The girls have made many friends there and look forward to playing with their friends. Their teachers Ms. Emily, Ms. Suda, Ms. Antonia and Ms. Blanca have been wonderful. They are positive, empathetic and encouraging with the children. We are very proud to notice a great academic progress especially with our daughter Kristiina and can see that she is both academically and emotionally ready for Kindergarten this coming fall.

We recommend Mills Montessori School as a wonderful school for any parent who is looking for a preschool/kindergarten for his/her child/children.

Yours truly,
Maarit Visbal, Jonathan Visbal

Greeted With Open Arms

My daughter Jennifer and I were greeted at Mills Montessori with open arms when we arrived in 1996. Mills has been a second home to us since.

The warmth and care we receive from the staff has been beyond my expectations. Ms. Simin, Dr. Fallah and each and every teacher and aide has touched Jen’s life in one way or another.

I especially want to thank Ms. Simin for believing in us and spoiling us, Master Eman for showing Jen how to find here spiritual self, and Ms. Suda for always telling me "it will be okay" regardless of how dim things may seem – and she was always right. I will be forever in Ms. Helen’s debt for all the love and care she has given to my Jen all these years.

This is Jen’s last year at Mills. I am thankful that the staff at Mills has prepared Jen for whatever lies ahead. Jen and I will truly miss all of you.

With heartfelt thanks,
Joanne Costa

Yara is our third child that has attended Mills Montessori School

We feel comfortable and safe leaving our child with the staff and feel the curriculum is extremely well rounded. Ms. Emily gives personal attention to each and every child, not only is she a great academic teacher to them, but she teaches nurturing and independence in each student.

The staff and administration are very kind, responsive and caring. We are happy our family is part of THE MILLS MONTESSORI family.

Marwan & Laila Ahwal

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